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Need Chemicals? At ChemtrekBD we have a variety of unique chemicals to meet your needs!

RMG Industry Chemicals

We manufacture and develop a plethora of chemicals needed for the Ready Made Garments sector. Since 2006, CIBL has been providing the top garments industries with the Chemicals they need to ensure proper production. We constantly innovate and create products never before produced in Bangladesh!

Personal Cosmetics Manufacturing

We have the ability to manufacture well over 100 different type of toiletries. Whether it is body soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, whatever you need, we can manufacture! If you need a company to take over the manufacturing for you, you’re looking in the right place! Contact us to learn more!

Cleaning products manufacuring

Since 2009, CIBL has been manufacturing consumer and corporate cleaning products. We produce for a variety of global brands! We are the only company in Bangladesh that has the expertise and facility to manufacture any cleaning product in the world! Want to get the best clean? Look no further!

Roads and Highways

Chemtrek is the exclusive manufacturer of Road Construction Fatty Amide. Tested in Brazil, Germany, Turkey and Iran. Our CCBIT brand is guaranteed to increase the lifespan of the roads up to 2x! Now we are pushing this into our local roads so we can get our country up to speed on developing high quality roads!

Why Choose Us

We follow three simple steps that ensure, maintain, and guarantee quality! We have been in business for over 10 years and we know what customers want and need! Trust Us!


  • Cutting Edge R&D
  • Packaging and Design Ready
  • Innovative and Profitable
  • CPG Product Specialization
  • Low Turnaround time
  • Amazing Rates


  • Extensively Trained Salesforce
  • Large Network of Distributors
  • Qualified Operations Team
  • Attractive Incentives


  • Export – Ready Packaging
  • CNF and/or FOB options
  • Affordable Rates
  • Flexible container sizes
  • Great Customer Suppor

Customer Support

Great customer support! We care about our buyers! You can always reach us 24/7!

Well Documented

Documentation include with explanations for most of the options.


With offices opening all around the globe! You can be sure to receive support in any continent.


Constantly bringing new innovative products to Bangladesh putting ourselves as the market leader!

Marketing that sticks

A team that understands design and conception. We bring ideas to life.

International Scientists

Scientists from Germany, USA, and Bangladesh lead the Research and Development Team.

Price Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any competitors price providing that it is a similar product.


You can be sure the product you are buying is coming from a company that cares about the environment!


At Chemtrek Industries, we also offer customers products manufactured by us locally. We have several world class brands, with multiple products in the market.

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